Eedris Abdulkareem And Remedy Connived To Kick Me Out Of The Group Despite My Mom Sponsorship – Tony Tetuila

Veteran singer and former member of The Remedies, Tony Tetuila, has claimed that his former bandmates, Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Remedy kicked him out of the band.

Bazehits understands that Abdulkareem had in a recent podcast interview claimed that The Remedies split after Eddy became greedy and told him that they should no longer share their music revenue equally with Tetuila.

He disclosed that after the meeting, he went to Tetuila and told him to start preparing for a solo career.

However, reacting via his social media page, Tony Tetuila said Abdulkareem and Eddy Remedy ganged up against him contrary to his claims.

He said he was “heartbroken and shattered” after he was kicked out of the band.

Tetuila said Daddy Showkey and Blackface’s encouragements and support helped him to build a solo career.

He said, “Eedris connived with Eddy and kicked me out of The Remedies despite the fact that it was my mum who brought the money that was used to sponsor the group in the beginning. I was so heartbroken and shattered. It was Daddy Showkey who encouraged me and told me that I could do it alone.

“Blackface was another person who helped me. He brought me close and taught me how I could write my own songs. Blackface is a very great guy. I’d never forget the role he played in my career.

“It’s same Eedris that’s coming out to lie that he made sacrifices for the [Nigerian music] industry.”

Meanwhile, Eddy Remedy, a former member of The Remedies, claimed that the money Eedris Abdulkareem collected from Tony Tetuila’s mum wasn’t used in sponsoring the group.

He claimed that he wasn’t aware of the agreement until the rumour broke out.

Eddy said he used the $5,000 his parents gave him after completing his tertiary education to fund the group.

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